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Bandits Soccer Club
About Our Club


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The Bandits Soccer Club is fundamentally committed to player development in all age groups. Training hard, setting goals, improving skills, understanding the rules of the game, being a reliable teammate, and most of all having FUN - these are the expectations the Bandits have of its players. In return, the Club sets a priority in offering first rate instruction from coaches and clinicians dedicated to enhancing individual skills and creating a team approach to the game. Meeting these mutual commitments is hard work for all involved. Play in the MAPLE League is highly competitive and demanding, both physically and mentally. The Bandits Soccer Club aims to recruit, develop and train players who can grow and compete in this enviroment.

Our Club Officers

President - Chris Murphy

Vice President/Operations - Cliff Schandelmayer

Vice President/Developmental - Tony Barila

Treasurer/Administrator - Jeanne Tulley

Registrar - Bill Butts

Coaching Coordinator - Brenda van Stralen